NFT Reviews #16

We are here and it is now: further than that all human knowledge is moonshine. - H. L. Mencken, 1880 - 1956

Hi, and welcome to issue 16 of NFT Matrix, where I review NFT Artists’ work. There is no presumption or judgement here, only exposure. The artist I am reviewing is Faith. Detailed and chill is how I would characterize their work. I look at a couple of the artist’s pieces from their various platforms/social media and provide my review. Hope you enjoy, I’m always open to feedback

Piece: “Beautiful Morning”


Please view the piece on foundation! There is a languid atmosphere which makes this piece a joy to watch as it loops. The detail is fun to explore and captures the feeling of a great day.

Piece: “My life feels like permanent DND”


This piece reminds me of sitting outside on a cool desert evening (perhaps after a beautiful sunset). The glow of the lights and presence of plants reinforces a feeling of calm. Indeed, life can be like one game of DnD, and the nice thing about life is that not all encounters have adversaries present.

Piece: “A distracting reality”


This scene reminds me of a dream or a movie. The allusion to being neck deep in water and being distracted sounds about right for this decade. Hoping that eventually the water levels go down and the present can be more accessible.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to Faith! Find their links here.

See you next week!

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